The epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate components create the base of synthetic resin floors. We apply the floors to wide range of industrial objects including power plans, food processing  industry, electrotechnical, chemical industry and also in schools, hospitals, garages etc. Epoxy floorings are very convenient surfaces for homes as well. With their resistance and easy maintenance, the floors guarantee long durability and applicability within any level of load.



Polyurethane floor application in surgical room at Budapest clinic:




Application of these floors is possible also in the interiors of houses and apartments. Wide scale of colours, their combination with mat and glossy topcoat, or with acrylate chips is available.


  RAL colour chart


  Beton Flame colour chart



We realize the waterproofing of terraces, balconies and parkings by liquid flexible waterproofing membrane, already walkable 2 hours after application. The application is possible with smooth or anti-slip surface and with various colours.


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