We apply PVC tiles to a variety of industrial buildings but also to offices, stores and kindergardens. Traficline is a great alternative choice to self-levelling floors the advantage of Traficline is a very easy installation no adhesive required while it keeps its resistance towards mechanical and chemical defection. Traficline is available in a wide range of colours and patterns also customized patterns. The flooring system is Stainproof to provide an easy maintenance and has anti-slip properties.


Main Advantages of TRAFICLINE:


►   Quick and easy installation

►   Resistant to heavy traffic, liquids, strong impact and grease

►   Floors don´t crack and are very resistant

►   Simple ex-change of a destroyed part

►   Easy maintanance thanks to special Stainproof® layer 

► Sound and warmth isolation 

►   Anti-slip design








Review of some installations:






Technical specifications:

Tile  (l x w x h) (mm):                    500 x 500 x 7 / 500 x 500 x 5

Weight of a tile (kg):                                      2,2 kg (th. 7 mm) / 1,7 kg (th. 5 mm)

Surface:                                                                   Anti-slip

Thickness (Shore A):                                                 91

Press resistance (t/m2):                                         1376

Flammability:                                                          BFL-S1 (low, EN 13501-1)


 Technical Lists











Basic colors:



                                                                               RAL 1019                            RAL 2004                            RAL 4007                           RAL 5002                            RAL 6026                            RAL 8017                            RAL 8025                           RAL 9017             



                                                                               RAL 1003                            RAL 3020                           RAL 5009                            RAL 6028                             RAL 7016                            RAL 7042





We offer also other types of tiles:





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